We are the only flexible company that can customize your coffee even in small quantities

why become our partner?

An ALL INCLUSIVE service that will allow you to have immediate supply, machinery and support!


From pack, color choice to corporate branding we customize for bars, restaurants or businesses, capsules,
waffles and blend according to customer needs. Service aimed at all business operators who want to give an image of themselves to their guests and intend to put their brand name on products sold to strengthen the belonging brand.

Machinery included

Choose your own set of equipment from a wide range of the best companies: coffee machines, coffee grinders, automatic purifiers, cupwashers, ice maker and more.

We give visibility to your venue

Provision of business gadgets with your logo. Realization of a finished product under the client's brand name. A complete service starting from packaging to coffee cups, cappuccino cups, espressino cups, table sugar holders, countertop sugar holders, 17×17 napkin dispensers, illuminated signs and plaques.

Parts and service included

Unlimited free service and spare parts are included. It proves to be a great opportunity to improve consumers' perception of a brand, serves to build loyalty, and serves to include new catalog offerings that will increase customer base and product demand.

We dress quality with your name

Choose the top from the various blends available. We'll take care of the customization of your coffee! One can choose from the many blends already available and tested in the market. The blends will, of course, always be of the highest quality and can be chosen along with the type of pack. Tuo specializes in contract coffee packaging in pod or capsule form, ground coffee or beans. Currently we can offer a wide variety of blends, divided among different types of coffee. We offer the opportunity for 100% Arabica, 75% Arabica, 50% Arabica blends already tested in the market or for HOC blends

We certify your work

Free basic training courses for your staff. Basic and Art Latte training courses at our contracted facilities.