Is Italian coffee really the best in the world?

Prepared at home with mocha or espresso at the bar, coffee is an Italian pleasure entirely made in Italy, but is it really the best in the world?

A break as long as a coffee, contains all the tradition and the pleasure of sharing, accompanied by an unmistakable aroma. With the process of “intense” roasting, the Italian roasting companies have brought made in Italy coffee all over the world.

Today, many families have rediscovered the pleasure of grinding coffee beans at home. During the process, the coffee spreads all its aroma, keeping the active ingredients of each bean.

Several studies have examined the properties of coffee. In addition to being a drink with a stimulating character, for caffeine, it has many other elements such as melanoidins, that is the black substance of coffee that forms during roasting, present in each green bean that has particular beneficial antioxidant properties.

Is Italian coffee really the best in the world?

A study conducted by the Faculty of Agriculture of Naples explains that Italian roasting is much more popular because the coffee is less acidic. Furthermore, dark coffee limits the risks of stomach acidity and significantly delays gastric secretion compared to light coffee. Not to forget the particular beneficial antioxidant properties.

Melanoidins are metabolized by the microflora present in the large intestine. Grinding coffee at home is a new trend, but this improvement has a direct impact on the liver as well.

For some time in the early 1980s, it was found that those who abused alcohol and regularly drank coffee reduced the possibility of developing liver disease.

The study also points out that Italians routinely consume an average of 4 coffees per day, which is the recommended intake to find benefits.


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