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All-Italian quality and workmanship.

The guarantee of our brand comes above all from the constant work of people, as well as from the innovative use of technology.
The aroma, flavor and appearance of a coffee reflect the passion and care of those who work every day to create a high quality product.
The company's strength is the daily effort aimed at achieving and maintaining maximum customer satisfaction; quality and excellence are the principles that have always guided the company: the starting point is an accurate production process at the end of which a perfect balance between taste, aroma and body is achieved.

Treatment and History

Aromè Caffè

Sipping a cup of coffee is a daily gesture that millions of people repeat in much of the world; a pleasant habit that embodies a universe of history, culture and traditions.

The long process of transformation of this product with a centuries-old tradition can be divided into various phases:


The first phase is the most delicate, it concerns the planting of the lignified seedlings in the ground which will then host the trees. They prefer rich and humid soils typical of tropical areas, in cool and temperate areas with an altitude that varies between 0 and 1800 meters. above sea level. The soil must allow, due to its position, a rapid drainage of excess water.


The fruits, very similar to cherries, will appear after three or four years. From the moment the branches are filled with clusters, a few months will have to pass for them to ripen, lighting up and coloring with warm red tones, at this point they will be called "drupes". Particularly important is the manual harvesting of the drupes that allows you to choose only the red ones, leaving out those not yet ripe.


Once harvested, the coffee is prepared through various processing processes in specialized centers called "Benefits". In these places the grains are recovered and prepared for marketing. The quality of the coffee is determined according to the type of method used in this phase.


Roasting consists of a phase during which a series of pyrolytic reactions are carried out that activate the substances responsible for taste.In fact, the beans, which are prepared for the long journey in jute bags, have neither taste nor smell: only roasting will give them the characteristics we are used to recognizing in a good coffee.

Transformation into a drink

Once the roasted coffee is obtained, it is used and transformed into the various forms suitable for sale: in grains, ground, soluble. The subsequent packaging or processing, for all types, also represents a very delicate phase, capable of compromising, like a bad roasting, the success of the drink.

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