Aromè Coffee

True Italian espresso, with an intense and pleasantly balanced taste, made from the best raw materials.

All-Italian quality and workmanship

The uniqueness of AROME’ CAFFE’ blends comes from constant and careful control in the selection of the raw coffees that make it up, harmonizing tradition and innovation to ensure the highest quality of the product.
Our brand guarantee comes primarily from the constant work of people, as well as the innovative use of technology.
The aroma, taste and appearance of a coffee, reflect the passion and care, of those who, every day, work to create a high quality product.
The company’s strength is the daily effort aimed at achieving and maintaining maximum customer satisfaction; quality and excellence are the principles that have always guided the company: the starting point is an accurate production process at the end of which a perfect balance between taste, aroma and body is achieved.


We walk the path of sustainability by placing environmental protection, quality and safety of our products and processes at the center of our operations.

High-quality ingredients

Our coffee comes exclusively from high quality and 100% natural raw materials.


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Treatment and history

Sipping a cup of coffee is a daily gesture that millions of people repeat in much of the world; a pleasant habit that encapsulates a Universe of history, culture and traditions.
The long process of processing this product with centuries-old tradition can be divided into several stages:


The first stage is the most delicate, involving the planting of the lignified seedlings in the soil that will later house the trees. They prefer rich, moist soils typical of tropical zones in cool temperate areas with an altitude ranging from 0 to 1,800 meters above sea level. Because of its location, the soil must allow rapid drainage of excess water.


The fruits, much like cherries, will appear after three or four years. From the time the branches fill with clusters, several months must pass for them to ripen, lighting up and turning warm red hues, at which point they will be called "drupes." Particularly noteworthy is the manual harvesting of drupes, which allows only the red ones to be chosen, leaving out those that are not yet ripe.


Once harvested , the coffee is prepared through various processes in specialized centers called "Benefits." At these places the grains are recovered and prepared for marketing. Depending on the type of method used at this stage, the quality of the coffee is determined.


Roasting consists of a phase during which a series of pyrolytic reactions take place that activate the substances responsible for taste.In fact, the beans , which are prepared for the long journey in jute bags, have neither taste nor smell : only roasting will give them the characteristics we are used to recognizing in a good coffee.

Beverage processing

Once roasted coffee is obtained, it is used and processed into the various forms suitable for sale : bean, ground, soluble. Subsequent packaging or processing , for all types, also represents a very delicate phase , capable of compromising, on a par with bad roasting, the success of the drink.


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