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Aromè caffè

Aromè tells an all-Italian story, a story rich in passion and knowledge and capable of expressing the uniqueness of a true Salento coffee. Every day we work to provide our consumers with excellent quality blends and a unique taste experience. Our coffee is intense , fragrant and has a genuine taste.

We love coffee and honor it by offering an excellent quality product with beans from certified sources. Because the first step in offering quality coffee is a strict selection of raw materials.



What makes our coffee special?

From tradition to raw materials.
Find out what makes our coffee unique

High-quality raw materials

We select the best raw materials to offer excellent quality blends.

Intense fragrance

Excellent quality coffee leaves an intense aroma. It is about the aroma of roasting.

caffè in grani

100% natural

Our coffee is made with complete respect for the raw material and the environment.


We are pleased to welcome you on a guided tour of our roasting facility.

Work with us

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  • Supply
  • Specialized technical assistance
  • Use of state-of-the-art machinery


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